The Five Senses

All five senses of the body play an important role in the creative expression process.

During a Photography class I took at the end of 2017, I learned about the great Masters of Photography. One of the many that stood out to me was Bill Brandt. An assignment required that I replicate a photo of his, and so I chose Tapies’ Eye, a photograph he made in 1964.

 My version of the photograph focused on the light and dark aspects of a close-up detail of the eye of the subject. I enjoyed this style so much and felt inspired to theme my final exhibition line with the five senses: taste, sight, hearing, smell, and touch. The person in the photographs is my husband, Alex. I chose him as my subject because I am captivated by his perception of the world.

After carefully choosing the combination of lens, aperture, lighting and shutter speed, this photo project pushed me to explore focus, depth of field and how light plays off of the human body.

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